Fully electric, luxurious, and harmonious for everyone's lifestyle.

The REELVE VZ5L is a fully electric vehicle fit for any lifestyle. This SUV is made for effortless driving, whether near or far. It features the newest technologies, a substantial amount of space, and a minimalistic, easy-to-understand design.

Majestic exterior, magnificent interior.

The vehicle boasts a beautiful interior and exterior with a variety of lighting options and plenty of head and legroom. The central control of the VZ5L is a suspended touchscreen, which, along with a heads-up simulated display, is another detail that contributes to its spaciousness and design innovation. With plenty of extra room to breathe and unique settings to adjust to your preference, you can comfortably travel long and short distances.

While comfort is a top priority, so is safety, and the VZ5L has many advanced safety features to keep you safe on the road. There are twelve ultrasonic radars and five HD cameras for maximum visibility and awareness. The vehicle’s many sensors and cameras can detect all kinds of obstacles—pedestrians and vehicles alike. The VZ5L also has six airbags.

Besides the various driving safety mechanisms that the VZ5L has, the vehicle has a built-in system to adjust its lateral inclination during turns. A further innovative and exciting safety feature, automated driving, will be included in the REELVE VZ5L in the future.

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