We set out to build a new electric vehicle brand to promote the sustainable development of renewable materials to benefit the planet we share together.

Let's stop taking from the earth and reuse what we already have in abundance.

Our story

Like many startup businesses born out of the pandemic, our ambition for the future was simple: to meet the unique environmental needs of an ever growing world with a luxury electric vehicle made from renewables. We set out to provide a safe, pure, and fully electric vehicle without a combustion engine to harm our planet. 

Our symbol

The symbol of REELVE demonstrates the pursuit of technology without harming the purity of our planet. This philosophy is distinctly perceivable in our logo, which illustrates a leaf.

The future is yours to change.

The world’s automotive industry is on the precipice of a technological change, not just in services and products, but in the acquisition of user experience beyond car ownership.

Our ambition for a safer future

From the concept, REELVE set out to build a brand for people who believe that our world is worth preserving now and for the future to come. We care about our planet and all of its inhabitants, and we want to leave it in a better shape so that future generations will be proud of the steps we took today. One of our main priorities and missions is to give you freedom of peace of mind while making life easier, safer, and better for us all. 

Renewable innovation without limits

As it stands currently we’re making progress but the current habits of humanity are unsustainable.

Presently, environmental collapse still seems like a faraway thing. For many of us, this isn’t something we will even experience in our lifetimes. The important realization here is that this isn’t entirely meant to benefit us. Acting and initiating change now is meant for our children and their children’s future.

We would like our users to experience innovation without boundaries as we inspire to empower and optimize the global community.

To be continued...