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Burning fossil fuels in any industry is harmful, and one of the biggest offenders is the transportation sector.. Greenhouse gases are a leading factor in rapidly diminishing air quality. On average, the concentration of various environmental pollutants is ten times higher than the optimal level set by the World Health Organization. The magnitude of this ever-growing issue will only increase in years to come.

audacious, intelligent, and fearless.

“Driving towards a cleaner tomorrow”

At REELVE we like to say, “Driving towards a cleaner tomorrow”… It sounds nice but it didn’t come without countless hours of grueling research and development. First and foremost Reevle will earn its revenue from selling electric motor vehicles. These vehicles will be made from recycled materials and there will be a variety of vehicle offerings to consumers.

We are inspired to empower a generation of users to change the future together.

We are building a premium electric vehicle designed for freedom without boundaries.

Reelve is an arbiter of change in this regard

Reelve aims to be the most trusted and effective name in the recycled electric vehicle manufacturing industry. Reelve will ensure a safe, convenient, and reliable experience to all customers through excellent service and accountability. We will elevate customer satisfaction well above competitors while also being a leader in environmentally friendly transportation; eliminating both Greenhouse gas emissions and waste created from old and used vehicles. All of this while also providing a sublime driving experience.

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